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Elias Sports Performance is the best place for personal training in Glastonbury.

At Elias Sports Performance, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness and sports performance goals.

Our coaches have over 20 years of experience in training a diverse range of athletes, from the NCAA Division I college level to first-timers at the gym.
We use an evidence based approach to training, designed to provide athletes of all levels with a no nonsense program to grow stronger, faster, quicker, and become more capable in their sport, all while aiming to reduce the risk of injury.

Meanwhile, our adult fitness programs are dedicated to improving your strength, movement, flexibility and mobility to help you live a healthier more active life.

Join us at Elias Sports Performance and become more than you ever thought possible!

Get fit, get strong, and love working out.

Areas We Serve

Our Schedule

Adult Small Group Training


5AM / 6AM / 7AM / 9:15AM / 12NN / 6PM

TUE:     5AM / 6AM / 6PM

5AM / 6AM / 7AM / 9:15AM / 12NN / 6PM

THU:     7AM / 9:15AM / 1:30PM / 6PM

FRI:     5AM / 6AM / 12NN
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10+ Athlete Training


10-14 Year Olds:
MON-THU:     8AM / 5PM

15+ Year Olds:
MON-THU:     8:30AM / 7PM

FRI - 8AM - All Ages
     1-Hour Speed Camp at River Front Park

SAT - 9AM - All Ages
     1-Hour Speed Camp at River Front Park
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